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Walking the Berkshires “Sharp, quirky, and occasionally nettlesome”, Walking the Berkshires is my personal blog, an eclectic weaving of human narrative, natural history, and other personal passions with the Berkshire and Litchfield Hills as both its backdrop and point of departure. I am interested in how land and people, past and present manifest in the broader landscape and social fabric of our communities.

The opinions I express here are mine alone. Never had ads, never will. March 21, Uncommon Soldiers Joseph Plumb Martin was the most influential soldier from the American Revolution that most of us know nothing about.

Directed by John L’Ecuyer. With Ashley Jones, Alex Carter, Scott Gibson, Evan Brzozowski. A divorced woman finds sexual liberation through online dating.

She is at their old house. There is a knock at the door and it is Eddie. When he walks into the house, he sees that Georgia has it all fixed up with their old furniture. Eddie asks her what is going on and she says “Happy Valentine’s Day. She tells him that is OK. Eddie says that they had better leave before the landlord catches them there and Georgia tells him that she has spoken to the landlord and explained everything about Lucinda and he is letting them stay there.

She hands the keys to Eddie and tells him that they can go back to the way the were and live together again. He hands the keys back to Georgia and tells her that he can’t do this. She doesn’t understand what Eddie means, she talked to the landlord and everything is OK. He tells her that they should be living in their own place. She tells him that she wants him to see what they have together.

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An index of all of the General Hospital recaps posted on in Read weekly summaries to refresh your memory, or click a link to access comprehensive, daily recaps for any week.

But we replaced the character of Kristin after the first season and audiences have grown to accept her Derweil droht Kyle seinen Job im Laden zu verlieren, It took time, but I eventually came to think of Fuller is Kristin. She is a fantastic, as well as a talented actress who I Umbesetzungen in Staffel 7 bei FOX serienjunkies. Das ist nicht die erste Umbesetzung in der Geschichte dieser Serie.

Alexandra Krosney wird in iZombie ersetzt serienjunkies. Peyton ist die beste Freundin und Mitbewohnerin von Titelfigur Liv. Inszeniert wird der Pilot von

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The Molly Brown House Plenty of mediocre homes become museums on account of their famous residents. Titanic legend Margaret “Molly” Brown’s house is an exception; not only was the residence home to one of history’s most illustrious women, it also happens to be an incredible piece of eclectic, Victorian-era architecture. But, like all good historic homes, the structure nearly didn’t make it. When Historic Denver was incorporated in , the group made a successful plea to save the home from the threat of urban renewal that sacrificed so many of the city’s historic treasures.

Find more information here. The space-age, elliptical Sleeper House in Golden, so called for its appearance in the Woody Allen movie of the same name.

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Tacl, 65, of Burwell passed away on Sat. Funeral Services will be held at Reverend Stefanie Hayes will officiate. Burial will be in the Ord City Cemetery. Visitation will be on Thursday from p. Ord Memorial Chapel is in charge of arrangements. He was raised in, and received his education at, Hazard and graduated from Litchfield High School. In , Louie married Sheila Riessland. To this union two children were born, Eric and Shannon.

The couple resided in Kansas then returned to Nebraska. Mary passed away on Sept.


Sheila appeared on The Young and the Restless from to returning as a guest in , , and , and again from to Michelle Stafford took over the role of Sheila from to She was on The Bold and the Beautiful from to , with shorter-lived stints in and The Bold and the Beautiful:

After they started dating, their strong bonding and chemistry, similarly by their intimacy we can definitely get the clue that in future they will get marry.

The department recently acquired a Kawasaki Mule through a government-offered program — translating to no cost to Valley County, excluding insurance and maintenance as well as any additional accessories. The building, known to most as the previous Dollar General Store, has been remodeled and will be open for business to the public on Thursday. We look forward to seeing you at our new location. January 1 marked the start of National Mentoring Month.

Ord TeamMates currently has 39 mentors and 39 mentees. The chapter is still in need of mentors for mentees waiting to be matched. I hope more caring adults will join us so they too can experience the positive impact of mentoring. TeamMates serves close to 8, youth in more than communities across Nebraska, Wyoming, Kansas and Iowa. Mentors meet with their mentees one-on-one in school, once a week, during the academic year. Mentees can be nominated one of three ways.

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To save a tumultuous relationship, a troubled man must reconnect with his disapproving grandmother and disfigured sister. Together with Isabel and on his own, Owen regularly sees disinterested psychiatrist Florence and takes medication for sudden seizures that include flashbacks to the fateful house fire he blames himself for.

Owen has a change of heart and expresses a newfound desire to start a family. As a condition of forgiveness and acceptance, Isabel insists that Owen first make amends with his estranged grandmother Violet and sister Pearl, whom he abandoned to live with Violet following the fire. Devoutly religious, Violet greets the couple coldly, insists they sleep apart, and repeatedly refers to Isabel as a whore. A recluse whom Violet insists remain in her room because of her appearance, Pearl remains hidden away and refuses to see Owen.

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Edit In , Sheila is reintroduced on The Bold and the Beautiful and she quickly worms her way into fashion CEO Eric Forrester life by becoming the company nurse at Forrester Creations in Los Angeles, as well as working as Rick Forrester’s nanny after staging an accident that leaves the former nanny, Judy, hospitalized, and later threatening Judy and her family. Sheila and Eric fall in love and are eventually engaged, which angers Eric’s ex-wife Stephanie Forrester , who suspects Sheila is a gold digger and a liar.

To Sheila’s dismay, Eric’s most recent ex-wife Brooke Logan Forrester is pregnant with a child that may either belong to Eric or his son Ridge. After Bridget is born, Sheila manipulates the paternity test so that everyone will believe Ridge is the father. Security guard Mike Guthrie catches her in the act and after threatening to blackmail her, Sheila sets loose a vicious dog to attack him. Meanwhile, Lauren finds out that Sheila is alive and well, and living on the West Coast.

Lauren follows her and they once again fight. Lauren threatens to expose Sheila to the Forrester family, but Sheila turns the tables on Lauren by blackmailing her with pictures she took of Lauren sleeping with Brad Carlton and sent to Lauren as puzzle pieces.

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Read about it here! The next season changes There is a major change coming on the comedy series Last Man Standing. Molly Ephraim who has been playing the role of Mandy will no longer be doing so.

And just got halfway through the premier of season 2. I’m already thinking about giving up on it. I can see why Alexandra Krosney left after season 1. In season 2, her character is completely inconsistent with what she and the writers had created in season 1. Somehow, Kristin and her baby daddy have now become the mouthpiece of every left-wing and Bill Mahr straw-man argument, dismissive and preachy. With episode 1 of season 2, they went about to completely destroy the show we loved in season 1 about a man with conservative ideals trying his best to raise his 3 daughters in a world that butts up against his traditional view of values and masculinity.

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Underage drinking unknowingly ingested alcohol at a party [Feb ] Hosted an underage drinking party at her house [Feb ] Harbored a fugitive, Rafe Kovich, Jr. Before Molly was born, Ric and Alexis had contemplated divorce, but the birth of their daughter convinced them to try to make a go of their marriage. In , Alexis discovered the identity of the daughter she had given up for adoption, and Molly met her new big sister, Sam.

When Alexis revealed that she’d been diagnosed with lung cancer and Ric knew she was smoking marijuana to ease the pain, he used it as a ploy to prove Alexis was an unfit mother. Ric sued for custody of Molly and won.

Elizabeth helped a grief-stricken Patrick, while Felix watched over a devastated Sabrina. After declaring their love for each other, Sam and Silas were shocked when Nina Clay crashed Danny’s birthday party. Nina appeared unaware of Silas’ relationship with Sam as Nina happily greeted her husband. Nina assumed that she and Silas could pick up where they had left off because he had never filed for divorce, so Sam encouraged Silas to take Nina home to talk things out.

Sam feared that Silas would choose Nina over her. After a run-in with the law, Rafe stole money from Sam to score drugs. Sonny decided to take Ava for a blood test to confirm that Ava was really pregnant. Morgan and Carly were stunned when Ava revealed that she was pregnant with either Sonny or Morgan’s baby.

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