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Mayo[ edit ] South Mayo currachs differ from most other currach types in that, instead of the stringers which elsewhere run outside the latticework frame, the bottom and sides are covered with a thin planking. In Achill Island the currach is built with double gunwales. The Aran islanders, like the Blasket islanders further south, were assiduous users of the curach. Unusually for the area a sail was used, though without shrouds or stays. Apart from the halliard, the only ropes were the tack, led to a point near the stem, and the sheet, carried aft and secured to the last thwart. In the mid s and early s the Seoighe cousins excelled by winning many county and All Ireland championships, including three in a row of the latter. Clare[ edit ] The Clare currach closely resembled that of the Aran Islands. In construction, a series of wooden markers were sunk into the ground at definite distances apart.

Ketchikan Alaska Campgrounds

Schedule your Ketchikan helicopter lift today by calling Ketchikan Helicopter Lifts Are Easier with FairLifts FairLifts gives you access to a wide variety of aircraft and operators in Alaska for individual and contracted projects requiring the use of a helicopter. From heavy lift operations to emergency services and executive charters , we have the options you are looking for in guaranteeing the successful completion of your project. Ketchikan helicopter lifts focus on the Ketchikan area as well as the surrounding cities.

Bring your camera and video equipment (chargers too!) and plenty of memory cards for your equipment, along with the video and audio cables to hook up to the main salon flat screen TV for evening viewing.

November 26, If you have been following my posts on the Wrangell Alaska Fishing Facebook page, you will see that I have had halibut fishing on my mind. For some reason I am very anxious to get out there and jig for some flatties! I have some new halibut rigs tied up and ready to fish as soon as the season starts. I hope to hear sometime in January if this proposal will go thru or not. From what I am hearing, if this does not go thru, we most likely will see the same bag limits we had this year.

Nothing on the radar regarding King salmon return size or District 8 bag limits. Those of you on the hunt for Kings, remember May and June are the target months you will want to be here. This is a great time to be here fishing and a chance to win some big cash and cool prizes!

Masters of the Alaska Maritime Escape

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The last review on this resort is dated June and there are significant changes. There is new management in place and for some reason the bar and restaurant is not available to RV customers only those with fishing package deals, as we were told. This was a big downer because we were looking forward to watching for whales, seals, sea lions, and eagles from a casual environment while enjoying dinner at the resort. Sites are very tight on the water front and in the upper sections, tough to get into and setup.

On a positive note, the camp host was very helpful and we were lucky enough to be assigned two adjoining sites which allowed just enough room for both our slides to be extended [seems management knows of this situation and is trying to deal with it the best they can]. The water is still ‘tea colored’ and really undesirable for everyday use. We did not even use it to brush our teeth, let alone drink it. Simply stated, the resort is adequate only because it’s the only place on Ketchikan with full hookups.

However if you are a fisherman with or without a boat, then this park may be for you. If not, a better option may be to dry camp at a local state park or stay at the downtown Super 8 Motel and park your rig there for free.

Alaska Shipwrecks (S)

Make sure your gun is seated correctly. Pull off the nozzle on your mig gun and clean the holes in the mixing nut. Cover the holes with electrical tape, press the purge button and spray your mig gun casing with soapy water and look for leaks. Now put your soapy water away and open up the LN remove your wire and covers until you can see the gas tubing it is white, Hold the purge button and check for leaks. It is common for leaks to occur above the contact solenoid, because of the heat.

January 23rd According to the Ketchikan Daily News, it looks like the charter halibut regulations are going to be a reverse slot limit where a guided angler can keep 1 halibut a day up to 45 inches or over 68 inches. Although this is still not our ideal situation, it is definitely better than last years regulations so we are thankful.

On board the “Ancon” was the federal commissioner of education Nathaniel H. Dawson who was on a tour of educational facilities in the territory. William Duncan sitting by his fireplace Donor: Jorgenson, Tongass Historical Society Also on board the ship was Father William Duncan. Duncan – an Anglican missionary who has spent 30 years in British Columbia – was meeting with an advance party of more than 40 Tsimpshians from Old Metlakatla near modern day Prince Rupert, B.

Duncan was returning from Washington, D. This was the second time that Duncan tried to set up a Native society that was separate from the temptations of modern white society. In , the new settlement of Metlakatla was established 20 miles south of Port Simpson but within two decades Duncan and his community had become a thorn in the side of his church hierarchy and the secular leaders in the British Columbia government. This disagreement led to the church seizing Tsimpshian lands, and almost led to open conflict.

He told Duncan to select an island in Southeast Alaska for the community’s new home. Metlakatla Indian Reservation, Donor: Hunt, Tongass Historical Society

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Fish for four species of salmon, halibut, and cod each day. Ketchikan has the largest runs of salmon in Alaska. You will not catch more fish anywhere in Alaska or find guides of equal caliber. If you are looking for an Alaska salmon fishing trip of a lifetime — this is it! Enjoy the quiet serenity of our lodge, which is tucked back in a beautiful spruce rainforest.

Relax after a hard day of Alaska salmon and halibut fishing in our spacious trophy room equipped with a wet bar.

Hook Up Fly Shop Ketchikan Alaska Pubblicato: 12 aprile Ultimately, the cost of your trip will be determined by your personal travel style and preferences.

We have family up there too but my nephew’s friend with a boat had other things come up. Upon trying to find a boat to charter, we were told we were too late in the day, even though we had just walked off the ship. That, or the lady at the sport-fishing desk in the welcome center makes better commission off the sight-seeing tours which she promoted heavily. She did say there was a fresh run of silvers that had just come in several miles to the south, but my nephew who lives there said that was untrue.

Either way, that night at dinner we spoke to a couple who had successfully gotten a charter. Their charter simply fished the bottom for various species of rock cod. They were also told the salmon just weren’t available. We walked up the creek from the tourist area of town, and there were a lot of pink salmon in the river.

If you have never seen salmon in the river, it is hard to believe how many there can be. The fish didn’t look very fresh though. There were even a couple of seals feeding on them in the river a block or two into town. It doesn’t sound like what you are after, but there is an old brothel, I believe it is Dolly’s House where they do tours, but also rent out fishing rods and sell licenses on the boardwalk over the creek.

Again, this was all on the south end of town, in the touristy area by the cruise ship docks.

Halibut Fishing Tips, Ketchikan, Alaska

You can hook up in cars as there are parking locations with a lot of brush around. There are also a lot of hiking trails around that you can hook up at, too. In the summer the trails can be active, but it’s open late. A campground is near by and there can be some horny campers! See these links from the Forest Service for the trail and the trailhead for more information.

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Since its July 16 opening, the beer has been in high demand, and the business is already providing beer to four local bars. And while the brewery is primarily geared toward producing beer for other businesses to sell, its taproom and storefront has proven popular with locals and cruise ship passengers alike. From the company’s downtown location on the first floor of the Welsh Whiteley Architects building, customers are legally allowed to drink up to 36 ounces and take up to 5 gallons to go.

The Assembly agreed to move forward with a loan to OceansAlaska, a nonprofit shellfish seed producer; and agreed to give the City of Ketchikan $, to help pay for the design of the planned Hole-in-the-Wall boat harbor renovation.

Several groups are more than 10 years in a row and counting. Joe and Harriet H. This is is just another authentic testament to the enduring consistency and professionalism of our wilderness charter service, loyal repeat clients that make it back with us year after year and since the beginning of our business launch. Our remote adventure trips take you far from the typical cruise ship tourist scenes in town.

We qualify and carry the necessary special use permits for our shore excursions as required by the US Forest Service. With Classic Alaska Charters you will experience the solitude and magic of the real Alaska away from the crowds.

Allisons 41 lb Chinook (King Salmon) Ketchikan 136