Kate Upton, Snoop Dogg collaborate in latest Hot Pockets remix

Who are these “people” you speak of? I see what you’re trying to do Click to expand You stay in my threads but don’t like my threads, why don;t you put me on block bitch. Anyway, I am going to block you, you are too pressed boo. Oh and plenty of people on here made assumptions, just like people saying Khloe has a different father. This is LSA, where everyone allowed to post what they want as long as it follows rules. I mean I think the mailman stayed for dinner one night. That’s not his kid.

Snoop Dogg – Sexual Eruption XXX Version

He is a military brat with his parents’ military service causing him to move regularly. Also, this allowed him to receive more exposure at such a young age than other artists. Early mixtapes and Show and Prove Rostrum Records president Benjy Grinberg first heard about Wiz Khalifa in when the rapper’s contribution to a mixtape of various new Pittsburgh artists attracted his interest. Welcome to Pistolvania, in The mixtape paved the way for his first full-length album entitled Show and Prove in Khalifa was declared an “artist to watch” that year in Rolling Stone magazine.

Don’t Snoop. Just Search. and make more educated decisions about people based on their public records’ background history. report on someone is as much based on the “who” as it is the “why”. For example, it is not illegal for someone to run a SnoopStation/Intelius report on her or his date, but it is illegal for an employer to use a.

Trust your instinct, not some article. I give him everything and always put him first, and he still does this shit to me. Time is more precious than diamonds. We live together and everything in our own apartment and so on.. Anyways he went to work and I told him I was simply going to stay home and watch something on the phone until I had to cook dinner. He said okay and I wished him a good day at work.. Well I was watching some movie on Netflix when he received a Facebook message from some girl.

Ignored it as a trusting loving faithful woman and kept watching my movie. So I finally gave in to my curiosity and annoyance and clicked open his fb messenger.

Martha Stewart and Snoop Dogg’s Super Bowl Commercial Might Be the Best Yet

Despite his sinful past, Snoop declared that he was a changed man. As far as his religious beliefs, in he announced that he had joined the Nation of Islam, then in he became a Rastafarian. Recently, he claimed to be a born-again Christian and released a Gospel rap album. Now, even with his new Christian beliefs, Snoop was caught with his hands in the cookie jar.

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A TV show casting call is available for you to apply to in ! Casting directors are searching for Southern California locals to be contestants! They are looking for men and women who are well versed in pop culture, current events and a little history. People who are upbeat, outgoing and dynamic who are competitive are wanted. The game show casting call is accepting submissions from males and females who are at least 18 years old and who live in California where the show is filming.

Selected individuals will compete for a cash prize. Me and the Snoopadelic team are excited to bring back the show and put my own personal touch on it. This Snoop-ified version will be set in a faux-casino with giant dice, playing cards, and mini games — in addition to the original giant slot machine! See the following Casting Call information below for more details:

A Photographer’s Guide to ‘Red Dead Redemption 2’

You may have seen, like us, the frequent mentions of Snoop Dogg his name is actually Snoop Lion now, but Martha seems to know him as Dogg. Redditors asked Martha where Snoop was. Martha said that she had brownies for Snoop. We can guess why she would have brownies. Well, Martha and Snoop go way back. So why not take a brief tour through the history of their relationship?

A Brief History of Martha Stewart and Snoop Dogg’s Relationship You may have found yourself, like us, perusing Martha Stewart’s AMA on Reddit this afternoon. You may have seen, like us, the.

See also Big Pimpin’: Pimp cups have real players and white kids alike dropping cash In this week’s cover story , we trace the colorful history of hip hop’s most interesting accessory, the pimp cup. At the center of the story is pimp-turned-preacher Bishop Don “Magic” Juan — who has some two dozen children, and once had a stable of 11 women.

We chatted with Bishop, his “spiritual advisor” Snoop Dogg, and Debbie about the cups; here are the best clips that didn’t make the story. On his friendship with Snoop: It become a real tight bond It’s an amazing relationship and we friends above business. Snoop don’t have to call me everyday for me to know I am his main man.

I don’t have to call him. Our friendship is already something made in heaven.

Why don’t people believe Cori Broadus is SNOOP DOGG’s daughter?

As they chatted after her performance, he said his girlfriend had to approve of Bianca before he could give her song the green light for the radio. I remember once sitting with the family of a patient in critical condition, discussing an advance directive—the terms defining what the patient would want done were his heart to stop, which seemed likely to happen at any minute. Jade was from Chicago, but had left her life and son in the Windy City to work on her relationship with Snoop.

As they continued to fight, Jade kept shouting that they were “supposed to be motherf—king partners” and asking Dzting why they weren’t. In the middle of this, I had to look straight down at the chart in my lap, because I was laughing.

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The singer may be best known for his safe pop tunes but he thinks teaming up with the ‘Drop It Like It’s Hot’ rapper would make for a very “different” sound than his fans are used to. The year-old singer is set to drop his first music in more than a year after joining forces with the year-old rapper, who he has been a huge supporter of since his youth. The year-old rapper singled out the ‘Drop It Like It’s Hot’ hitmaker for sounding “really good” on his tunes, insisting the year-old star could perform any song and make it sound… 28 Mar Music gossip Gorillaz have teamed up with Snoop Dogg on new song ‘Hollywood’.

Asking the… 23 Dec Music gossip Snoop Dogg wants to record gospel music. The year-old star has already covered the genres rap, hip-hop, and reggae and is planning to try something new in The year-old rapper has released audio of the title track which references his on-going feud with US President Donald Trump, who has previously hit out at the star on… 29 Sep TV gossip Snoop Dogg’s father told Montana Brown she’s like a “daughter to him.

The American rap star – who was killed in a drive-by shooting in Las Vegas in September , aged 25 – is widely recognised as one of the most important figures in the history… 21 Dec Music gossip Snoop Dogg will feature on Charlie Wilson’s next album. The year-old singer, songwriter and producer is preparing for the release of ‘In It To Win It’ in February and he has collaborated with a number of stars including Snoop Dogg, Lalah… 21 Nov Music gossip Snoop Dogg has slammed Kanye West for ranting on stage.

Snoop Dogg’s Merry Jane & Jack In The Box To Launch “Merry Munchie Meal”

Black culture has a unique way of examining the everyday and we are here to showcase that. Do not post content just because a black person posted it. This sub is intended for exceptionally hilarious and insightful social media posts made by black people, not just any social media post made by black people. We encourage users to go on twitter to find tweets as opposed to making tweets just for this subreddit. No Bad Faith Participation.

Snoop Dogg taught us that you should never hesitate to put a fool on his back. Most importantly, he taught us how to rock. We don’t think it’s valid to claim Snoop has a failing career.

Her melodic and very distinctive voice is filled with beautiful riffs and heavenly harmonies that has made her one of the best selling female artists of all time. But there is much more to Brandy than what meets the eye. Here are 5 interesting facts about singer, actress and entrepreneur, Brandy. Turns out music runs deep in the family. But, with all this musical talent in the family, I wonder what their family reunions are like?!

According to reports, Brandy did not notice her Toyota slowing down and rear ended her. Aboudihaj died from her injuries the following day. Aside from music and television, Brandy has been successful with other ventures. Brandy was signed to top modeling agency Wilhelmina Agency. She had endorsement deals with Covergirl, Candies, and Mattel. Mattel even created a Brandy doll that was so successful that they also added a Holiday edition.

Artists including Jessie J, Teyana Taylor, and Jordin Sparks have been documented saying that Brandy is one of their musical influences. Without her beautifully crafted gift there would be a void in the music industry and certainly in my childhood.

Iggy Azalea and Snoop Dogg’s Feud Wasn’t as Pointless as It Seemed

December 22 3: Having grown up in a small town in central California, Henry is a neophyte when it comes to Los Angeles and its celebrity culture. This entire experience has been really intense. I was really looking forward to the move because it allowed for more diversity and for me to be around more likeminded people.

May 04,  · The last couple of weeks of Lip Sync Battle have been pretty solid as Community alums faced off, and there was a reality showdown on the musical competition show. Well things are .

All the while, black and brown exhaustion from those imbalanced, racially classed policies meant the race-class cold war was about to get very heated. Films, music, and television shows set in American hoods and project complexes drove companies like Interscope to target black markets in the early s. Gangsta rap, especially, coming from the streets of South Central Los Angeles, Compton and Long Beach, was remarkable in its ability to unveil the very real multidirectional violences affecting black and brown people both actively and passively, in ways that allowed white listeners to engage with the violence of hood life from a safe distance.

He revels in the life of a dealer and wants to be a boss, after he flips off his own racist employer. In some ways, the film acts as a study in the ways that people rationalize their own acts of survival. Stevens oscillates between feeling enriched by material prosperity and the shame of losing his grasp on his identity, not only as a cop but as an upstanding, respectable black man who is staunchly against drug use and crime.

In the “Deep Cover” video, by contrast, Snoop and Dre both play undercover cops who are still cast as outsiders within the force. The casting disparity between song and video reflects the flexibility of the outlaw role — one can live on either side of the law, or both sides, and hold the same assumptions about the police as enforcers. In the film, the incredibly white and believably racist DEA agent Gerald Carver played by Charles Martin Smith recruits Officer Stevens to go undercover as a cocksure drug dealer after Stevens’s psychological profile renders him the most criminally predisposed cop Carver has interviewed.

Stevens slowly drowns under the weight of public responsibility and his own drug- and sex-fueled hedonism. The film languishes in Stevens’s descent. Once Stevens is placed in an extreme situation — when his proximity to white criminal institutions, dirty money, and death draw terrifyingly close — those standoffish tendencies we once respected come back to haunt him. The defining themes of the gangsta-rap narrative as seen in Deep Cover and its title song — the gun fights and gang warfare, the upstanding respectability and disgusting misogyny, the revolutionary black nationalism and bitter patriarchy — are attractive in their supposed freedom, but destructively nihilistic in their outlook on the world.

Snoop Dogg and Dr. Dre (2012)