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These lathes, invented in by Charles S. Moseley in the U. However, the “WW” Webster-Whitcombe , is considered by many to be the more versatile of the two – and hence the more popular. Of heavy construction, the bed is formed with a 37 mm-wide flat on the top and a degree bevel along each edge, and carries a headstock spindle to accept 8, 10 mm or 12 mm collets though odd, in-between sizes have also been discovered. Amongst exceptions to the above two types are a number of unusual and interesting machines including a range of fine Boley lathes, manufactured from the middle s to the early s with either a triangular-form bed or an oddly compromise design which did not catch on where the bottom of the bed was semi-circular in form and the top triangulated or “bevelled”. Also available have been slightly larger lathes with triangular-beds such as Glashutte , H. Larger than the WW type are what might be called “toolmakers’ or “bench precision” lathes: Not only have there been many genuine makers of lathes for watchmakers, but also a lot of “badge engineering” where dealers and distributors commissioned batches of lathes for themselves – a well-known example from England being George Adams of London who sold and re-branded mainly German-made machines and G.

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It is an opportunity for us to reflect on the language and ideas that represented each year. So, take a stroll down memory lane to remember all of our past Word of the Year selections. Change It wasn’t trendy , funny, nor was it coined on Twitter , but we thought change told a real story about how our users defined

Members Page: More About Us: Programme: Gallery: Wednesday, May 2 nd – Afternoon Meeting – pm in Boxford Village Hall (AGM and Resolution Meeting) Teas – Sue K, Margaret M and Heather There were also games of solitaire and Chinese chequers which are made on a lathe out of Canadian pine. Malcolm uses all the off-cuts of wood to make.

Google “lathes for sale” or “millers for sale” and, after the usual couple of paid-for adverts and Gumtree, it’s usually at the very top and receives 12, to 15, visitors a day. It’s open to anyone selling machine tools and associated items. Up to words, eight photographs and a 6-month run. Smaller machines or parts can be grouped in one advert. In addition to an entry on this page, each machine has its own web page e. Just phone To advertise, choose from the following: Many thanks for the work preparing the ad for my father’s lathe – you are worth every penny charged, and you can’t often say that these days: Over 20 enquiries, sold immediately without any hassle!

I want to thank you for all the help you have given me; I could not have sold my machine without your excellent advice. Thanks, Tony Inundated with enquiries; this has to be the best way to sell equipment; I’ll be recommending your site to others who want to sell machinery. Thanks for your help – I will certainly use your site in the future.

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Left oblique view Mushroomed Z axis screw Here you can see how the bottom of the shoulder on the Z-axis lead screw was flaring out. Modification to the Z axis screw To correct the problem I made this bronze cup. I shortened the mangled part of the lead screw, pressed on the cup, and faced the assembly to size. I glued a flat needle-roller thrust bearing race to the shaper and then shortened the bronze cup to give just the right amount of axial clearance to bring things back to minimal axial play in the assembly there is a retaining collar that is pinned to the screw on the underside of the boss on the shaper.

Find this Pin and more on DT Project Ideas by Ms. Watson. Boxford router base, Boxford lathe handle, tapped and drilled to secure to the base. An online dating site that targets married people is being accused of breaking the law and a case has been filed against it in France.

We have been compelled, owing to lack of space, to limit these sketches to only those who have felt and manifested an interest in preserving the records of their ancestors. A large portion of these sketches will be found in connection with the chapters containing the history of the respective towns, while in this chapter we print those received too late for insertion elsewhere. He married Mary Heald, and they had the following family: Abner died February 26, Feltt, Abner, son of Abner, was born in Wilton, N.

Hannah, wife of Ashby Morgan, lives at Peru, N. His second wife was Bridget French, and their children were Andrew Augustus, who died single at the age of twenty-nine years; Caroline, died at the age of seventeen years, and Ellen Frances, died at the age of eighteen years. Abner died April 4, They had four children, viz.: Their children were Mabel S.

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Machinery removal and transportation service based in West Yorkshire, UK coverage. Crane can lift kg at 1. Vehicle can carry kg on 10 foot x 7 foot flatbed. Now using flatbed Transit with rear mounted… Abbey Castings I offer a casting service specialising in small batches and one offs, producing good quality castings in variours alloys using the lost wax process, ideal for the model engineer and restorer.

Any enquiries and more details can be found on my web site.

The History of Windsor County Vermont Old Families. Source: History of Windsor County, Vermont by Lewis C. Aldrich and Frank R Holmes, Transcribed by .

While such an ancient origin is not indicated by an examination of the exterior, deed records substantiate the local tradition. Morrill, and from at least through it was owned and occupied by Albert B. Possibly a First Period house, with uneven spacing of bays, one-room depth with a two-story rear leanto, and flush eaves suggesting its early date. He left Amesbury in How much of the original First Period house remains is uncertain, but all of the main building is pre-Revolutionary in origin.

Typical is the symmetrical three-bay facade, massive center chimney, and rear salt-box leanto. Another ell, at right angles to the rear northeast corner, dates from the mid-nineteenth century. Theophilus Foot House , Main St. The house bears a plaque reading, Theophilus Foot, , while another source refers to the house as the Blaisdell-Woodman house. Stone, agent, and later his widow.

Benjamin Abbot was the 8th child of George, an original grantee. In , Benjamin, a carpenter by trade, built his home on the banks of the Shawsheen River.

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I see the problem It is “shop withdrawal symptoms”. I have had the same problem. Getting so much stuff dealt with in terms of setting up and tooling up a newer machine, plus sorting a bunch of stuff I didn’t know I was getting and didn’t really want, I haven’t got much done with the shop.

Nov 15,  · A set of correct lathe gears for Boxford lathes and any other Southbend clone. deg pressure angle, 18 D.P 3/8″ wide and 9/16″ bore with 1/8″ keyway except the compound metric to inch/ inch to metric transposing gears which have a bore of 5/8″ .

Results of metallurgical examination 8. Examination of specimens from the Pitt Rivers Museum by E. Bronze castings in ancient moulds by E. Analyses of native copper and artefacts. A note on specimens in the Pitt Rivers Museum illustrating cire perdue casting by T. References and Index In Chapter 7, Coghlan reiterated his belief that ‘the need for full metallurgical examination of prehistoric artefacts cannot be too highly stressed. Such examination is a sure way to avoid the old error, which has rendered so many museum specimens misleading, of labelling specimens as copper or bronze merely from surface inspection.

It is now generally realized that it is often quite impossible to distinguish copper from bronze by the time-honoured method of inspecting the surface patina From the museum aspect, it goes without saying that, to the curator, the value of a specimen is greatly enhanced when he is in possession of a complete scientific report; again to the public the interest in a metal specimen, which in itself may not be a striking object, is very greatly increased if it can be explained exactly what the metal is, and the technique used in making the object.

In the past there has been much opposition to the analysis and examination of ancient artefacts because it was considered that such work involved the virtual destruction of the specimen. In fact this was a considerable exaggeration, and with modern methods it is certainly not so. A clear indication of the major constituents of the copper, or alloy, can be obtained by spectographic analysis without any damage to the specimen.

A full metallographic examination can usually be carried out on a specimen if a small pyramid of about 5 mm. We must also bear in mind that the real value of scientific examination lies, not in the examination of a few priceless and elaborate pieces, but in the enormous body of ordinary specimens

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View our product book Shaped by our experience We have a long and illustrious heritage in making 3D machines for the education market based upon our longstanding principals of providing the best quality technology — built to last a lifetime. Where it all started Established in Halifax, West Yorkshire, during World War II, Boxford began by producing small lathes for toolmakers, model makers, schools and colleges in — making us the oldest established manufacturer of machine tools for training in the UK.

But Boxford built on its initial success by developing better lathes and expanding their range into milling machines, drills, shapers, and grinders. For the past 35 years Boxford has also been supplying the latest computer numerical control CNC machines to industry, education and training colleges all over the world.

The dating on the brochure is , when SB was part of Amsted Industries. There were 3 versions offered; the basic as pictured in the earlier posts MN CL the other 2 are variations with an Electric Leadscrew Reverse, one the basic version CLLS, and the other CLRS with independent selection of spindle reverse speed up to RPM.

If you find this site interesting, please leave a comment. Reader Paul M asked about circuit diagrams. I must confess that I do not have such. Indeed, I would not understand them. The electronic connections were made by my expert friend Stuart T. It is called Ezilathe and is available as a free download. Anyway Paul, here are the promised photographs of the electronic components of the Boxford, after the conversion.

You should be able to work out many of the connections by zooming in. The Boxford TCL sitting on a bought trolley which could have been made to measure. The PC is on the bottom shelf, the extra toolholders and tools in the drawers, the wireless MPG on the front, and upgraded stepper motors in black. The rear view to show the extra power outlets to supply the screen and PC. I still operate this lathe in a spare bedroom of my house.

Very handy if I have a sleepless night.

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